What To Do If You Paid

If you bought an online ticket and are now trying to figure out how to get to the program (Fri Mar 1 at 7 pm EST or Sat Mar 2 at 3 pm EST), here are some tips.

There are a couple of ways to access your paid, premium channel.

1-You should have gotten an email from WiredArtsFest confirming your purchase. It might say from “WORDPRESS” and then wordpress@virtualartstv. Follow the instructions on the email.

It might say something like this:

“Thank you so much for your ticket purchase to the first ever live-streamed performing arts festival. We so look forward to seeing you! All you have to do to watch the show is come to http://www.VirtualArts.TV at show time and click on the link for the show you purchased!”

2-You can go to virtual arts tv. The CALENDAR and TICKETS link is the most useful.

From here, click on the right show and time you originally picked. Follow the link for people who have purchased tickets, and Log In with your USER Name and PASSWORD. See the screen shots linked at the bottom of this page.

3-If you are a smart phone user, you can download a free APP that will remind you of the time of the show, have a digital program, and allow interactions. You can also interact directly with Twitter or through Ustream. The Wired Arts people say:

Download our mobile app in the iTunes or Android store and sign up for push notifications.

screen you get after buying tickets

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