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ReGeneration: Our Reproductive Freedom Then & Now

“Gen Z” and “Gen Roe” come together to create a groundbreaking performance piece about our Reproductive Freedom over time

August 26, 7 pm ET, on ZOOM
Performance Program ReGeneration Performance Program Aug 26

A New Work! ReGeneration!

Six GenZers, 16-23 years old, interview six people who lived through Roe v Wade or in the near-thereafter. People in both generations use their interviews as inspiration for a monologue.  A fresh new theatrical work that shares our dreams, our hopes, our struggles for reproductive freedom, justice and human rights, then and now.  ReGen Interview Pairs no logo

What is the same? What has changed?

The 70-minute performance includes:

We have always done this by Judith Arcana
Thoughts from Charlotte by Elliot Stewart
Under Construction by Aleina Dume
Further by Isabella Gallegos
The Heart of Abortion and Other Love Stories by Charlotte Taft and Shelley Oram
A Come to Jesus Moment by Emory Kemph
3 Notes to Hold Each Other by Ava Elizabeth Novak
You Can Sit Anywhere by Cassandra Medley
a love song by Manju Banglaore

Read the performance program: ReGeneration Performance Program Aug 26 

See Who’s Who Cast, Interview Partners, Artistic team here: ReGeneration Aug 26 Who’s Who Cast Collaborators Artistic Team   or at this link.

Performed by Manju Bangalore,  Isabella Gallegos, Emory Kemph, Ava Elizabeth Novak, Elliot Stewart and Charlotte Taft

ReGeneration Guest ArtistsWith Special Guest Artists Dawn Elizabeth, Julissa Roman and Jaye Austin Williams

Post Show discussion with: Aleina Dume (Gen Z), Tracia Banuelos (Board, Abortion Conversation Projects), Shireen Rose Shakouri (Campaign Manager, ReproAction)

GenZ on white jpgOur GenZ participants: Manju Bangalore (a physicist, actor and founder of the youth-Led Operation Period);  Aleina Dume (a first-generation college student who has worked in journalism and social justice); Isabella Gallegos (a high school senior and aspiring actor interested in art and positive change}; Emory Kemph (a recent college theater grad attuned to art, advocacy and gender); Ava Elizabeth Novak (a film and theatremaker pursuing a BFA); Elliot Stewart (a writer, performer, choreographer, designer based in NY). Read More: ReGeneration Bios and Pics-site  

GenROE PowerPoint jpgOur Gen’Roe’ participants: Judith Arcana (a writer and JANE member); Mildred Lewis (filmmaker and writer in the Reproductive Freedom Festival); Cassandra Medley (award winning playwright known for works on social justice and part of Repro Freedom Arts Living Newspaper project); Luz Rodriguez (co-founder of SisterSong and consultant on reproductive justice); Charlotte Taft (counselor on abortion and reproductive health and former abortion provider); Rebecca Turner (minister and advocate for faith-based reproductive freedom). Read More: Bios ReGeneration Gen Roe

alinca and stacey

Creativity Consultants
Alinca Hamilton, Workshop Leader, Director (left)
Stacey Linnartz, Workshop Leader, Coach (right)
Produced by Cindy Cooper; Declan Zhang, Zoom Producer, Sound Consultant; Emory Kemph, PR, Graphics and Social Media.

Special Thanks to Workshop Guest, Sarah Wolf, social media intern, Planned Parenthood of Greater Ohio

Who’s Who

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This program is supported by our very kind and generous donors, including artEquity Community Fund, the Anne Hale Johnson and Art Johnson Trust, Quixote Foundation, and many individual supporters.  

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A Virtual Event. Thursday, May 7: Artists and Advocates Respond in a Time of Crisis

A Virtual Event via ZOOM with the National Institute of Reproductive Health — actors, writers and activists.  

The Progressive: Staging a Defense of Reproductive Rights

5.7 RFA_NIRH Zoom event invite (002)

Actors and presenters:  Dr. Grisel Acosta (reading her own work), plus actors Cait Cortelyou, Kimiye Corwin, Alinca Hamilton, Yvette Heyliger, Crista Marie Jackson, Carl H. Jaynes, Stacey Linnartz (co-producer), with direction by Francesca Mantani Arkus. Co-produced by Cindy Cooper.

May 7 photo card.jpg r3

Writers: Jacqueline E. Lawton, Dr. Grisel Acosta, Melissa Bell, Justice Harry A. Blackmun, June Jordan, Dr. Susan Wicklund, Marge Piercy, Esosa Edosomwan, Mary Ann Sorrentino, Jessica Feder-Birnbaum, Florynce Rae Kennedy and Alix Olson.


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