Repro Freedom Arts, a platform of Words of Choice, is a New York City theater company devoted to opening conversations about reproductive freedom, rights, health and justice. In its 18 years, Words of Choice has created theatrical works dedicated to reproductive freedom and composed of works by an array of writers. These signatures pieces, Words of Choice and Reproductive Freedom Is What We Want, have travelled to 20 states and appeared before audiences at 100 venues with dozens of local partners, performed on radio, been used to create an full-length video (now available on DVD or streaming), been included in a book anthology, and performed in two Live Streaming shows in the Wired Arts Festival, reaching 35,000 viewers in 20 nations. We have been honored with awards from NARAL Pro-Choice America, the Quixote Foundation, the Abortion Conversations Project, and others.

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In the words of the poet Adrienne Rich:

Words are found responsible
all you can do is
choose them
or choose
to remain silent. Or you never had a choice
which is why the words that
do stand
are responsible

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