About the Artists

Claudia Schneider, Crista Marie Jackson, Carl H. Jaynes
Claudia Schneider, Crista Marie Jackson, Carl H. Jaynes

Performers: Words of Choice has had the distinct pleasure of working with over six dozen talented performers and stage managers in New York, Boston, Chicago, Ohio, Minneapolis, St. Louis, Columbia MO, and Washington D.C. Special presentations have included Kathleen Turner, Heather Tom, Bree Williamson, Steve Brady, Mia Katigbak, Joel Vig, Jennifer Baumgardner, Tasha Guevara, Maggie Reed, Stacey Linnartz, Krystel Lucas, Maame-Mensima Horne, Leah Jacobs, Sandra Parris, Abigail Ramsay, Jaye Austin Williams, Julissa Roman, Kimiye Corwin, Dawn Elizabeth, Yvette Heyliger, and others.

Long time touring performers have included: Crista Marie Jackson, Carl H. Jaynes, Stacey Linnartz, Krystel Lucas, Claudia Schneider and Alinca Hamilton. Meet the Cast.

Directors of the play include: Francesca Mantani Arkus, (current), Stacey Linnartz (walking tour), Suzanne Bennett (Words of Choice I), Kelly M. Beuth (Independent production, Brazen-Faced Varlets, Buffalo), Peg Denithorne (Culture Project/PPNYC), Teresa Pond (Associate Director, Tour), Deb Lemire (Independent production, Queen Bee, Ohio), Susann Brinkley (EST), Joan Lipkin (Missouri/Kansas), Cat Parker, Cameron Prevatte (independent production, NC), Cindy Cooper;  Linda (Sam) Haskins directed our DVD. Joan Kane served as director on the Living Newspaper Women’s* Edition.

Producing consultants: Susann Brinkley, Alicia Mathewson and Karen Oughtred have served as our tour producers; Angela Williams, Deb Dudley, Emily Rosenberg, Neil Curri, Parid Cefa, Jessica Noele and Dave Channon designed our graphics; Ellen Adams redesigned our website; Suzanne Grossman, Steph Herold and Rachel Goddard prepared materials; Caitlin Collier served as South Dakota Coordinator; Rachel Becker served as Colorado Coordinator. Diana Whitcroft created our Promotional Trailer and other advocacy videos; Therese Shechter edited our Reproductive Justice Walking Tour video. Stacey Linnartz served as Artistic Consultant for Live Streaming performances, our Reproductive Freedom Festival and the Reproductive Justice Walking tour. Kathryn Velvel Jones provided critical support for live streaming.

Advisers: Marcy Bloom, Susann Brinkley, Jennifer Clarke, April Elsasser, Karen Raschke, Rev. Becky Turner and Jaye Austin Williams serve as advisers or board members; Special thanks to the (late) Anne Hale Johnson.

Creator and Writers: Cindy Cooper created ReproFreedomArts, which emerged as a platform of Words of Choice. More than 75 writers and collaborators have also participated.  About the Writers.

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