Take Action



How You Can Make A Difference

1-Help the economically disadvantaged get abortion care via your local access fund. http://www.fundabortionnow.org/

2-Keep up-to-date on current challenges to reproductive justice. http://rewire.org/ http://www.sistersong.net/

3-Collect facts from accurate sources. http://www.guttmacher.org/ http://www.reproductiveaccess.org/

4-Talk about abortion with family and friends; tell your story in person or online.
www.abortionconversation.com/ http://the abortiondiary.com

 5-Engage creatively– a poem, a song. See 400+ ideas: http://wordsofchoice.blogspot.com/

 6-Ask yourself: How do I best incorporate the experiences and issues affecting reproductive justice in my activism?


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