Resilience: Performances on YouTube

Readings, Resilience and Reproductive Freedom: Selections on YouTube

Our Live Zoom Performances of Readings, Resilience and Reproductive Freedom are available for viewing on a playlist on YouTube

Or you can watch individual selections: -Today, All We Have Is Now by Jacqueline E. Lawton, performed by Yvette Heyliger -Hardcore Latina Punk Birth Fragments by Dr. Grisel Acosta performed by Dr.Grisel Acosta -Playground Placenta by Melissa Bell performed by Cait Cortelyou -Justice Blackmun in His Own Words, performed by Carl H. Jaynes -Incantation (excerpt) by June Jordan, performed by Crista Marie Jackson -Nobody by Esosa Edo… Alinca Hamilton -Mid Life Choice by Jessica Feder-Birnbaum … Kimiye Corwin -Matt's Story by Mary Ann Sorrentino, performed by Carl H. Jaynes -My Heroines by Marge Piercy, performed by Yvette Heyliger -Florynce Rae Kennedy: In Her Own Words, performed by Crista Marie Jackson -blessed (excerpt) by Alix Olson performed by Alinca Hamilton -Siege: Dr. Susan Wicklund, adapted from This Common Secret My Journey as an Abortion Doctor, by Alan S. Kesselheim and Susan Wicklund, performed by Stacey Linnartz

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