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Students Tabling at GWU
Students tabling at the George Washington University

Words of Choice (is) especially important now as anti-choice lawmakers continue their attacks in Congress and in the states…. We would like to recognize your courage and dedication to advancing reproductive freedom at this critical time.”  Nancy Keenan, Ex. Dir. NARAL Pro-Choice America

“Rave reviews.” Director, Planned Parenthood of MA

“The performance was fantastic! Keep up the great work.” Director, Planned Parenthood of Chicago

“It leaves you with renewed hope and compassion.”  Media Professor, Columbia University

Audience members, VA

“I loved it and the groups of gals I went with loved it, too. The people I went with were all NYU students — myself included.   It’s amazing how hyper-political abortion is right now….  Thank you for showing it — it was a wonderful way to celebrate Roe’s anniversary.  I’d love to see it for a second time!” NYU student

“I want to personally thank you for the ‘Words of Choice’ dramatic presentation.  The direction and acting were superb and the audience was extremely responsive to the subject matter.  This was our best meeting ever.” Vicki Saporta, National Abortion Federation

“(E)ach piece is riveting.”  Jennifer Baumgardner,  Abortion & Life

“Thank you so much for the opportunity to lend my voice to a serious struggle.  I was pleased to hear the audience react so strongly and so often.  That’s a great feeling.” Actor

“I have continued to hear such good feedback from people about how much they like the performance… Thanks so much.” CEO, Planned Parenthood affiliate

Words of Choice was truly a blessing. It motivated me to keep organizing in my community, made me realize that there are people in other parts of the country who haven’t forgotten that there are grassroots organizers in the midwest. The play was inspirational, the actors were phenomenal.  It was a night not to be forgotten, and I will never think about reproductive choice in the same way again.”  Student, Kansas

“I can’t say enough how much it was my pleasure…. As an attorney, I am always approaching the issue as a legal matter, and it was terrific to be reminded of what women go through.”  Jill Morrison, National Women’s Law Center

Left Forum: Claudia Schneider, Stacey Linnartz, Krystel Lucas
Left Forum: Claudia Schneider, Stacey Linnartz, Krystel Lucas

“My husband also liked the work, felt it was quite complex and powerful…This will be useful all over the country, as a way to get town meetings organized or other forums to talk about this difficult subject.”  Writer

“It was so powerful and crucial for the young women on campus. It was wonderful to present all of these stories and to let people hear them for themselves.” Ex. Dir.,  Planned Parenthood in VA

“This is so important.  This is the time of my life when I am forming my own opinions, and I realize that they can be different from my parents.  It’s important to hear things from many perspectives.”  Student, Virginia

“It was a wonderful production and a compelling closing to the conference.” Pro-Choice Conference Coordinator

It was an important experience for the students. Wi sh our women’s center had funds to bring it to the campus.”  Professor, NY

“It was so strong and focused.  I hope it can be acted just as much as possible.” Planned Parenthood board member, DC

Really fired me up again.  I need to get back to my women’s rights work in some way.”  Community member, NC

“I really had no idea what to expect. Well to my amazement, I was transfixed by the three actors who interpreted the pieces.” Activist, MD

“AMAZING! I wish everyone could see it – it is powerful enough that we would not be suffering the current setbacks (well, maybe not as much anyway!)” Audience member, NJ

“I was moved to tears with the power of the stories.” Audience member, NJ

“A truly inspiring show.” Activist, Summer of Choice, MD

“Wonderful audiences, incredible press and actors that are literally floating on air! People’s minds were changed, hearts opened and thoughts challenged! IT WAS AMAZING!!!” Director, Buffalo, NY

“I (want to tell) you how educational WoC was for my son when we saw it a couple of years ago. He was 15 then and he didn’t know that women self-aborted with coat hangers. It really moved him. And, I think, re-emphasized the need to be a responsible young man with regards to sex.” Audience member, NJ

“Congratulations on a piece that gets better and finer and tougher each time I see it. Really tough and honest. I especially love the part about the Viagra. It’s so badly needed!” Audience member, NY

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