About Our Reproductive Freedom Walking Tours

We joined with Social Justice Tours to offer Reproductive Freedom Tours Through Lower Manhattan!  You can book 2021 tours during the summer now.

Walk and Talk about Where We’ve Been, Where We’re Going, And Why We’re Not Stopping.

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Podcast: Reproductive Freedom in the Age of Covid


Taking the First — and Only — Reproduction Tour in America in OZY.com

photo by leah feiger
photo by Leah Feiger

Our walks are resuming!

10% of proceeds to New York Abortion Access Fund

In our walks with Social Justice Tours, we’ve been joined on 20 walks by people from Japan, India, Argentina, Brazil, Mexico, Britain, Ireland, Germany, France, Finland, China, Finland, Sweden, as well as New Jersey, Maryland, California, Oregon, DC, Massachusetts, Connecticut, Illinois, Louisiana, Wisconsin, Pennsylvania, and, of course, New York!

“I had such a great time and learned a lot both on the tour and talking with you afterwards.”  

“I am really glad that I joined in this great tour to learn more about NYC and American histories on reproductive health and freedom. It is very knowledgeable, memorable and insightful. I am inspired by those brave women who fight for women’s rights. No matter how hard it is we should not give up.”

“Thank you very much for the wonderful tour.”

“What a great tour!! Thank you for this informative tour of Reproductive Freedom in Lower Manhattan. While this will always be an important tour, the timing of it is perfect, given what recently happened in Alabama. [Our tour guide] was lovely and so knowledgeable about the fight for reproductive health and justice. She does an awesome job in connecting the past and the present. Also, 10% of the payment for the tour goes to the New York Abortion Access Fund. This is a highly recommended tour!”

“Thank you for the powerful tour! Great meeting and learning, and inspiring the impressive group of people who assembled yesterday.”

Walkers from Massachusetts in front of Judson Memorial Church … home of the pre-Roe abortion counseling service
group oct 3

Now part of Social Justice Tours, we began our Repro Walking Tours with a single day with groups joining us on an interactive walk, festival, video and follow-up toolkit, all designed to put reproductive justice on the map, in our lives, our history and our communities!

See our Reproductive Justice Walking Tour video on YouTube.

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Find a Toolkit to DO YOUR OWN.