Selections: Words of Choice II

WORDS OF CHOICE II— Let Reproductive Freedom Ring!

Incantationpoetry by June Jordan: Yearnings for love and justice.

Letters to Justice Blackmun — by Sally Blackmun and Justice Harry Blackmun, adapted by Cindy Cooper: The aftermath of Roe v. Wade in letters to a Supreme Court justice.

The Line — from Feminist Women’s Health Center online: Waiting through a pregnancy test.

Rev. Jimmy Fearall’s Hour of Destiny by Michael David Quinn: A tv evangelist strikes out against abortion, and passes the bucket.

Seminary: Rev. Christine Grimbol — by Angela Bonavoglia: A woman minister finds her profaith prochoice voice.

Nobody — by Esosa Edosomwan: A woman longs to be seen as more than body parts.

End of A Periodby Barbara Lindsay: A woman explains the joys of menstruation.

Matt’s Story — Mary Ann Sorrentino: A Vietnam vet learns new lessons through an illegal abortion.

Approximating Mother (excerpts) — by Kathleen Tolan: A pregnant teen wishes she could be adopted.

Opposing Arguments — by Judith Arcana: Comments at a crisis pregnancy center.

Kathy: My Mother, and Parallel Lives: Kathy Najimy, interviewed by Angela Bonavoglia, followed by a portion from serio-comic ‘confessions’ by Najimy and Mo Gaffney in which two women run through 14 years of sin.

Jana – From an interview of Jana Mackey by Words of Choice: A young activist connects the dots about women and justice.

The Siege — by Dr. Susan Wicklund: A doctor pushes back against anti-abortion protesters.

Bart’s Big Idea — by Cindy Cooper: A member of Congress deploys a reluctant wonk and aims to make it on Fox.

Laws I Want — adapted from Dreaming of a few prochoice legal riffs.

Blessed — by Alix Olson: A young woman finds power in using her voice.

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