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To promote creative approaches to reproductive freedom, health, rights and justice, Words of Choice publishes a blog:

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Film, video, theater, art, graphics, crafts, music — we write about all sorts of ARTISTIC INVESTIGATIONS OF REPRODUCTIVE RIGHTS, FREEDOM, HEALTH and JUSTICE!

More than 430 posts of creative actions in support of reproductive rights, freedom, health and justice! We are all adding some AIRR to the Movement!

LATEST on the Blog

Activists Across the Country Honor 47 Years of Roe v Wade Amid Pending Threats
How Do You Do Powerful Arts Activism? Tips from Pros
Inspired Radio Reveals How Raised Voices Burst the Irish Abortion Ban
Euki: An App You Can Trust for Your Period, Sexual Health Info
Opportunities: Contest for Plays on Repro Justice, Abortion
Brooklyn Museum Responds to Abortion Crisis With Five Films
World’s First Vagina Museum Opens in London’s Camden Market
Theater: A Husband’s Experience of Pregnancy Loss by Guest Blogger Jeremy Rishe
Abortion Care Kits: Newest Idea from Texas Activists
Actors and Writers Share ‘Short Plays’ Book Launch!
Book: Medical Racism in Birthing Care is Reproductive Injustice
Story Sharing Finds a New Venue in United Kingdom
Now out in Paperback! Short Plays on Reproductive Freedom
Videos Help Parents Talk to Kids About Bodies and Sexuality
Resources: Comeback of the Period and the Once and Only Menstruation Museum
Film About Serious Harms from Abortion Denial Has New US Relevance
Walking the Path to Reproductive Freedom in New York City
Choice Words: Writers On Abortion by Annie Finch
Story Sharing and More: Countering Stereotypes About Multiple Abortions
Keeping On: Reproductive Freedom: Performance in NYC April 28″
Already Bad: Intercept Videos Reveal Lack of Abortion Access
If Abortion Is a Crime, Who Goes to Jail? Reproaction Videos
JANE: From Underground Story to Stage Play by Guest Blogger Paula Kamen
Activism and Art: The State of the Uterus by Donna Kaz aka Aphra Behn
Resources For a Just Society: Identifying Creative Practitioners by Ajay Revels
Roe Anniversary Events Mark Stark New Reality
Resources: Pacifica Digitizes and Opens Women’s Radio, 1963-1982
Four Hundred Blogs to Up the Creativity
Film: Childfree Decisions Are Reproductive Rights by Guest Therese Shechter
Bei Bei Film Shows the Dangers of Misapplied Fetal Law
Powerful Theatre Anthology: 34 Short Plays on Reproductive Freedom!
The Right to be Sexy at Every Age: Making A Pop-Up Menopause Book by Michelle Cohen
Music in the Key of Reproductive Rights and Justice: Playlist
Body of Work Uses Art to Counter Abortion Stigma by Kristen Daskilewicz
Theater: Using the Living Newspaper to Shine A Light on Reproductive Rights and More
Resources: Village Voice Online Creates Feminist Archive
Virtual Reality “The Choice” Will Let Audiences Experience Pregnancy Options and Abortion
Our Doctors: New Film Gets Intimate With Abortion Providers
Media and Activism Rip the Facade Off Fake Clinics
Documentary Shorts by Yoruba Richen Look at All-Options and Anti-Abortion Crusaders
Documentary Podcast Tells the Story of JANE
Voices of Courage: Doctors Tell Stories of Reproductive Health Care
Artists Take Leading Role in Campaign to Repeal Irish Abortion Ban
All The Pregnant Men: Sketches and Videos Abound
Poetry Honors Resilient Generations in Animation and Sound
Reproductive Justice Advocates To Be Profiled in RHAP Book
Billboard Campaign Puts Abortion-Positive Values on Display in Ohio
Opportunities: Scripts, Funding for Theatrical Exploration of Abortion, by Kayhan Irani
Make Art: Stories and Artwork in Brooklyn Gallery by Donna Kaz
Purpose and Persistence Mark Roe 45 Anniversary Events
Winning Abortion Photos Available for Free Use
Bill Moyers’ NO CHOICE Videos on Abortion Hit the Right Note
Backstreets and Ballots: A Reproductive Justice Walking Tour in Ireland
Vulva Art Claims New Power in NYC, Online: guest blogger Susan Kaplow
When Local Police Duck Their Job: Rewire Film on Clinic Safety
Poets and Artists Make Videos to Spur Repeal of Irish Abortion Ban
Fake Clinics Exposed in New Videos and Actions
Resources: New Survey Tags Abortions on TV, in Film
Reproductive Freedom Plays on SoundCloud
Resources: IPPF Releases How To Talk About Abortion Videos, Books
Opportunities: Art on Repro J and Sex – Resist, Reclaim, Redefine
Documentary Birthright Tells Tales of Pregnancies Harmed by Anti-Abortion Fervor
A Cross Stitching Artist on Repro Health: Katrina Majkut
Video: National Institute for Reproductive Health Promotes Forward Movement
Comics for Choice Pairs Cartoonists with Activists by Hazel Newlevant
Resources: Digitized Radical Posters Give Ideas, Inspiration
We’ll Take Action, Make A Plan: Song on Reproductive Rights
Singing Animation Aims to Clear Up Emergency Contraception Myths
Live Radio Theater: Reproductive Freedom Is What We Want – March 31, 7 pm
Theater Puts New Lights on The Sex Myth by Rachel Hills, Guest Blogger
ASK FOR JANE: A Film About the Abortion Network We Hope We Won’t Need by Cait Johnston
The Abortion Broadcast Gives Voice to Providers by Guest Blogger Jackie Day
Why I March: An Anthem from Africa and A Live Stream Worldwide
Reproductive Rights on Display in Women’s March DC (pictures)
Roe Events Add to Women’s March in Demand for Reproductive Freedom
Opportunities: Contest for Songs that Celebrate Women’s Creativity
Opportunities: Contest for Photographs that Combat Negative Abortion Imagery
Poet-Artist Transforms Anti-Abortion Handcuffs & Hostility
Don’t Agonize, Organize: Wisdom from Flo Kennedy
Finding Resilience in Hard Times and Hard Places: Be Like Barbara Santee
Videos: Doctors and Providers Open Their Hearts on Abortion Care
Earned My Right to Choose: Ani DiFranco Sings Reproductive Freedom
Global Campaigners Step Up Actions for Safe and Legal Abortion
Plays, Poems, Spoken Word: Reproductive Freedom Anthology Shares the Best!
Breaking Our Silence: Toolkits To Start Your Own Event
How I Told My Chinese Parents I Had an Abortion by Poppy Liu, Guest Blogger
Attempting Suicide While Pregnant? Filmmakers Developing Bei Bei Shuai Case
Sweet Poems of Remembrance from Fifth Annual Abortion Writing Contest
Opportunities: Artists Wanted to Challenge Ban on Abortion Funding
Street Theater in Oregon Marks the Arrest of Birth Control Activists
JACKSON: A New Documentary About Abortion Shows Mississippi Life
A Week for Speakouts on Birth Control by National Women’s Liberation
Abortion Providers Recall Dr. Tiller, Murdered 7 Years Ago
Rewire Sets the Bar with Sophisticated CHOICE/LESS Podcast
“Remarkably Normal,” New Play About Abortion from 1 in 3 Campaign, Heads to 8 Cities
“Abortion: Stories Women Tell” by HBO Debuts in Tribeca Festival
Arts + Activism + Tech:Taking Repro Freedom to All 50 States
Tweet With Us, Support Repro Freedom and Arts: Live Streaming March 20
March 20 We’re Live Streaming Theater on Reproductive Freedom — To YOU!
Kicking It Up for Reproductive Freedom: Live Arts Streaming Everywhere! March 20
Digital Artists Capture Film’s Virginity and Sexuality Messages
Groundhog Day for Reproductive Rights! Video Pokes TRAP Laws
Resolve and Determination Drive 2016 Roe Events
Guatemalan Film Beautifully Portrays a Country and Family Planning Needs
Multimedia Art, Performance, Interactive Games Top 2015 Blog Posts
Irish Holiday Greeters Are Wishing for Safe and Legal Abortion
Making Contact Radio Highlights Anti-Abortion Dangers
Send Your Short Works to the All-new Reproductive Freedom Festival
Find Your History, Honor It: Portland Celebrates Pre-Roe Abortion Provider Ruth Barnett
What a 1990 Film About Abortion Rights Says Now: The Fight Goes On
Female Hysteria: NOW-NYC Makes A New FAIR for Health and Rights
Your Favorite Clinic in Bright Shining Lights: Framed For Your Walls
#ShoutYourAbortion Expands Its Outreach by guest blogger Amelia Bonow
One Vest At A Time: Protecting Abortion Rights with Guest Benita Ulisano
PILL WARS Video Seeks to Put Abortion Pills In Our Hands
Reproaction Puts Action First for Abortion and Repro Justice by Guest Blogger Pamela Merritt
Four Video Satires Respond to Outlandish Attacks on Planned Parenthood
Billboards by SisterReach Put Reproductive Justice on High in Memphis
Pro-choice Memes Speed Internet Themes
Viva Ruiz’s Bold Wearable Art Puts Abortion Rights On Bodies
Resources: Pam McAllister’s Activists With Attitude
Pick An Anti, Pledge A Protester, Help Alabama by Stephanie Gilmore
Why Do It? Abortion Clinic Escorts Answer With Their Stories
Michele Pred: Send In Your Old Pills, Get Back Art
Handcuffs: Turning Anti-Abortion Ugly Into Pro-Choice Art
Reproductive Freedom on Fire: Words of Choice at The LEFT FORUM
TRAPPED: Film To Expose Disastrous Threats to Abortion Access
Pro-Choice Postcards From the Heart: This Is What Abortion Looks Like
Protecting Abortion Access With Yoga for Choice
Secret Lives of Pregnancy and Abortion: A Memoir by Pat Piety
Birth Story Slam Delivers Real Life Experience
Dancing Back Legislative Blues: Hands Off Reproductive Rights
Poetry on Abortion Rights Shares the Complexities of Women’s Lives
Throwback: Ladies Against Women Takes On Anti-Feminist Phyllis Schlafly
Two Interactive Games Let Players Test Pregnancy Options
Tampon Game Breaks Menstrual Taboos
Wary of the Future, Abortion Rights Groups Honor Roe Anniversary
A Debut Novel Views Abortion Through The Recovery Room by Guest Blogger Ann Ormsby
“Out of Silence” Play Aims to Tell Abortion Stories
Arts Matter: 2014 Cultural Roundup of Reproductive Freedom
Animated Video Adds to Sea Change “Untold Stories” of Abortion, Pregnancy
Video Works To Challenge Abortion Stigma: Contest and Webinar
Church Ladies for Choice: Street Performers Singing Out, Loudly
New Laws We Want
Women Make Waves: Filming of the Vessel and Caring About Abortion
They Came to Harass … So The Clinic Threw A Party! A Circus Party!
Architecture Can Do It: Saving Women’s Lives and Clinic Access by Design
Feminist Film and Performance: Live in Brooklyn Friday Nights
Keeping It Up: Festival of Choice in London, March in Ireland
Synergy for Reproductive Justice! Putting a Walk on Film!
New Abortion Outrage in Ireland Brings Activist Performers to Streets
Opportunties: Chicago Feminist Art Show Open for Submissions–All Welcome
LadyParts Justice Rolls Out 50-State Humor Strategy for Video, Party, Vote
British Solidarity Actions Oppose Spanish, Irish Abortion Restrictions
Street Stages: ProChoice Counters to Bad Buffer Zone Ruling
Urgent Release by Women Filmmakers in Spain To Stop Abortion Ban
ONE KIND WORD: Abortion Stories With Photo Portraits From Canada
Video: Freedom FROM Religious Extremists
Pop Culture Repro Rights Updates: 3 Sites Unite
Walking Tour: Putting Reproductive Justice on the Map
Judson Repro: Faith Activism With Photo Memes
The Stories We Share: The Abortion Diary Podcast by Guest Blogger Melissa Madera
Reproductive Justice Walking Tour, June 7, Honors Landmark Birth Control Case
Want the Truth? Follow Jen Sorensen, Cartoonist Extraordinaire
Winning Poetry Honors Abortion Choices, Abortion Providers
Performance Artists “IMELDA” See Red in Restrictions on Abortion
Abortion is Part of Life, Says Winning Irish Video
“Won’t Go Back” — Georgians Rally in Dance
Write Your Reproductive Justice Experience for Publication
Abortion is Not A Crime: Ipas Videos Shift Debate
Roe v. Wade Events 2014 Bolster Resolve
10 Ways to Tell Your Abortion Story by Guest Blogger Maya Pindyck
4ChoiceArt in SF Mounts Repro Rights Works
Movies and Theater Top 2013 Blog
Movie Mixtapes of Abortion Scenes from B-Word
Staging “MOM BABY GOD” — Guest post by Madeline Burrows, theater artist
Activists in Northern Ireland Use Sound Cloud to Break the Silence
Your Virginity: New Doc Offers Fresh Glances
Videos Share Stories of Abortion Funds
Two NC Theater Artists Want to be Heard on Reproductive Rights
Roe at Risk: New Short Film & Tools by Alliance for Justice
Resources: Bring Women’s Films to Your Community!
Designers Wanted: Make Something! Of Condoms!
Film and GIRE Report: Abortion Crisis in Mexico
Opportunities: Stories Wanted from Millennials, Will Pay Cash
Film: Pressure on Mississippi Clinic Is Only the Beginning
Young Lakota Film Offers Screenings to Counter Anti-Abortion Laws
‘The A-is-for-Abortion Play’ by Guest Blogger Cassandra Hume
Ohio Comedian Skewers Sneaky Anti-Abortion Maneuvers
A Very Meme Moment: Wendy Davis and Her Running Shoes
JANEBILL: Futuristic Intergenerational JANE from Judith Arcana
See “After Tiller” Movie At Select Summer Screenings
Padding History: Illustrated Tales of Time-Of-The Month Products
The Period Store Selling Menstrual Products With Style
Dear Antis: This Stork Delivers A ProChoice Message
Promoting Female Condoms:12 Short Films Do It, crossposted on fem2pt0
Poems About Abortion Care for World Poetry Day!
Live & Live Streaming: New Platforms for Freedom & Arts
Words of Choice & Lots of Women at WiredArtsFest
Bringing ProChoice Theater to Your Computer
Happy Decision Day for Roe: 40 Year Events
Our Dreams of Safe Abortion Care: Marcy Bloom
Irish Carolers Sing Out on YouTube for New Prochoice Legislation
Tee shirts, cards, ladyparts: Choices Galore
Resources: Get These Books for Yourself & Friends
Australia’s “Dangerous Remedy”: Bring This Film to the US
VOTE: Pilobus Buts Bodies on the Line
Motherless from Illegal Abortion: Important Film Relaunch
Feminist Art Matters: Social Relevance & Deborah Klezmer
Rights At Risk! Choice At Risk! Video Toolkit! Free!
This is an Emergency! Print Collection & Zine
New Film: Keep An Eye Out for Fetus Envy!
BACKLASH Show Opens July 19: We’ll Be There!
NOW Activists Create Impromptu New Works — You Can, Too!
Singing the Vagina
DO IT the Way That Darcy Burner Did at Netroots
A Vagina Snatchel for Legislators: Knit and Lobby
Loretta Lynn Singing the Pill!
Remember the Men: Mary Ann Sorrentino Tells ‘Matt’s Story’
Walter Cronkite on Roe v. Wade Decision: History Made
Afro Jazz Video Sells Female Condom in Cameroon
Brits Get It — EC for Free and Animated Adverts for It!
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