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Wired Arts Fest
Wired Arts Fest

Women’s History Month!
March 2013

We’ll be LIVE STREAMING with the first-ever WiredArts Fest produced by

Friday, March 1 at 7 pm, EST time
Saturday, March 2 at 3 pm, EST time

Groups and individuals around the country are invited to participate in a LIVE streaming national conversation on choice! And the arts! You can WATCH THIS LIVE from any computer with Internet access! We perform LIVE in New York — you join in via the Internet!

New Yorkers are invited to attend live in the theater right across the river from Manhattan at the New Media Center of the Secret Theater in Queens (Long Island City). Viewers can participate in live streaming discussions, interact through Twitter and IM and Facebook, while the performance is happening!

Viewers can also participate in a post-show discussion with leaders in the reproductive justice field following the performance.

Viewing parties! We are helping local organizations, colleges and groups to coordinate house and dorm viewing parties to activiate, motivate and educate on prochoice issues. Get a Viewing Party Packet here. And a Free Original Poster pdf or jpeg. There are also FREE APPS you can download, read more here.

Joining us for a discussion on Friday, March 1: Amanda Marcotte, blogger at Pandagon, writer at RHReality Check, author of It’s A Jungle Out There: The Feminist Survival Guide! and Lori Adelman, a contributing editor at Feministing who works on Every Woman Every Child for the UN Foundation. Joining us for a discussion on Saturday, March 2: Lynn Roberts, founding board member of SisterSong Women of Color Reproductive Justice Collective and an assistant professor at Hunter College, along with award-winning filmmakers Marion Lipshutz and Rose Rosenblatt, who made The Education of Shelby Knox and other films.

Crista Marie Jackson, Carl H. Jaynes and Claudia Schneider
Under the direction of Francesca Mantani Arkus
Stage Manager: Kelly Vieau

Artistic Consultant: Stacey Linnartz
Art by Heather Ault, 4000 Years for Choice
Outreach and Marketing Director: Emma Shakarshy
Marketing and Public Relations Consultant: Ashley Paskalis
Assistant, Marketing: Tiffany Colasuonno
Producer, Creator: Cindy Cooper

Watching Online:
You can watch ONLINE from anywhere for free. Free viewing comes with pop-up ads at any time.
For a mini-payment of $2.50, you can watch ONLINE without the annoyance of commercials that can come at anytime, and you are guaranteed a high quality stream. Suggestion: set up your premium stream now, but at least a half hour in advance of the show!
for MARCH 1 at 7 pm (EST) OR
for MARCH 2 at 3 pm (EST)
(Sat includes a different play in the festival at 2 pm, no extra charge.)
Here is a YouTube tutorial about the signing up for the premium WiredArtsFest LiveStream and using it.

You can also buy tickets to participate live and in person at the theater.
Buy in-studio theater tickets for Friday, March 1 at 7 pm.
Buy in-studio theater tickets for Saturday, March 2 at 2 pm (Words of Choice at 3 pm).
Tickets are $18.00.
Discounts available for groups of 8 and for prochoice activists! Email:
Location: The New Media Center at the Secret Theatre, 4402 23rd Street, Long Island City, NY 11101. 7, E, M or G Train to Courthouse/23. Directions.



Get a Viewing Packet here.

Get a Free Poster here.

Find about about the FREE APPS here.

See the Theater Program here.

Read about the first-ever WiredArtsFest on ABC here and Wall Street Journal here.

Words of Choice, Wired Arts Fest and Women — Works by Women blog.

There is No Such Thing as Traditional Activism by Ashley Paskalis — fem2pt0 blog

WOMEN ARTS: Join the Words of Choice Live Streaming Events Mar 1 & 2

Cindy Cooper on her Play, “Words of Choice,” Reproductive Justice and Body image in Adios Barbie

Read about Words of Choice in BUST Magazine

Words of Choice: Daily News Listings

See more details, here.

WiredArts WOC combo graphic

“.…Words are found responsible
all you can do is choose them
or choose
to remain silent. Or, you never had a choice,
which is why the words that do stand
are responsible….”

from “North American Time”
by Adrienne Rich

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