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Now out in Paperback! $6.99

34 Short Plays and Performance Pieces on Reproductive Freedom! Abortion, contraception, pregnancy, parenting, being childfree, aging, accessing healthcare, sexual violence, political games, activism, projecting the future, dipping into history … wonderful, imaginative and creative plays, poetry, spoken word, performible art on reproductive freedom from a wide diversity of writers.

Cover ShortPlaysReproductiveFreedom final (2) rdx

Writers in this volume: Grisel Acosta, Judith Arcana, Marcy Arlin, Melissa Bell, Angela Bonavoglia, Stephen Cedars, Kitty Chen, Ellen Cohen, Cindy Cooper, Allie Costa, Marjorie Duffield, Jessica Feder-Birnbaum, Anne Flanagan, Nicole Goodwin, Yvette Heyliger, home│work Collective, Henry Howard, Michael angel Johnson, Mildred Lewis, Samantha Lierens, Jessica Litwak, Junita Middleton, Debbie Miller, Winter Miller, Alix Olson, Marge Piercy, Jeremy Rishe, Mercedes Sanchez, Laura A. Shamas, Laura Zlatos

Read a short description of each piece

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Reproductive Freedom Walking Tours

With Social Justice Tours


We’ve joined with Social Justice Tours to offer a tour on reproductive freedom and history in New York City with our Reproductive Freedom Walking Tour through Lower Manhattan.

SEE Social Justice Tours!

The 2019 season ended, but check back in the spring!

An Article: Taking the First — and Only — Reproduction Tour in America
by Leah Feiger

Read more! Join us!

10% of proceeds to New York Abortion Access Fund

Listen as WNYC’s Alejandro Salazar walks with us!

We did 20 walks from April to October in 2019!

Some comments:

“I had such a great time and learned a lot both on the tour and talking with you afterwards.”  

“I am really glad that I joined in this great tour to learn more about NYC and American histories on reproductive health and freedom. It is very knowledgeable, memorable and insightful. I am inspired by those brave women who fight for women’s rights. No matter how hard it is we should not give up.”

“Thank you very much for the wonderful tour.”

“What a great tour!! Thank you for this informative tour of Reproductive Freedom in Lower Manhattan. While this will always be an important tour, the timing of it is perfect, given what recently happened in Alabama. [Our tour guide] was lovely and so knowledgeable about the fight for reproductive health and justice. She does an awesome job in connecting the past and the present. Also, 10% of the payment for the tour goes to the New York Abortion Access Fund. This is a highly recommended tour!”

“Thank you for the powerful tour! Great meeting and learning, and inspiring the impressive group of people who assembled yesterday.”

Thanks again for a great afternoon and tour!

Thank you for the information and thank you for the inspiring and thoughtfully organized tour. Yes, let’s keep moving forward.

Read a blog about the Walking Tours.

photo by leah feiger

pic by Leah Feiger

Coming from Massachusetts to walk with us in New York!
group oct 3



BOOK LAUNCH: Sept 20, 2019 7 pm


Bluestockings Books, NYC
Celebrating Reproductive Health, Rights, Justice and Freedom with our words!

Artists and Writers Read, featuring: Grisel Acosta, writer; Alinca Hamilton, actor; Yvette Heyliger, writer/actor; Carl Jaynes, actor; Stacey Linnartz, actor/co-editor
Cassandra Nwokah, actor

directed by Francesca Mantani Arkus
host Cindy Cooper, editor

Read bios of the readers!

If you missed the event, ORDER AT AMAZON

Read a short description of each piece

Read more about the Reproductive Freedom Festival

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Sunday, April 28, 2019
The People’s Forum
ReproductiveFreedom boot announcmt320 W. 37th Street, NYC

Featuring Alinca Hamilton, Donna Jean Fogel, Carl H. Jaynes, directed by Francesca Mantani Arkus

Performance followed by a discussion with Farah Diaz-Tello, a leading attorney on reproductive justice working with If, When, How, and Lanai Daniels with the New York Abortion Access Fund.

words actors rv4 2018-19

An inspiring collection of writings on reproductive freedom and justice, including works by June Jordan, Justice Harry Blackmun and Sally Blackmun, Judith Arcana, Angela Bonavoglia, Esosa Edosomwan, Kathy Najimy and Mo Gaffney, Allie Costa, Michael David Quinn, Cindy Cooper, Living Newspaper Project, Mary Ann Sorrentino, Feminist Health Network,  Zoneziwoh Mbondgulo-Wondieh and more. Created by Cindy Cooper.

See the full program on our blog.

Listen to WBAI’s Joy of Resistance.

100% of proceeds will be donated to New York Abortion Access Fund.

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Ridgewood, NJ
Reproductive Freedom is What We Want!
Featuring Alinca Hamilton, Donna Jean Fogel, Carl H. Jaynes
directed by Francesca Mantani Arkus

Sunday, January 13, 2019
Unitarian Society of Ridgewood

Dr. Lynn Roberts, a co-founder of SisterSong Women of Color Reproductive Justice Network, and editor of Radical Reproductive Justice

Sponsored by Reproductive Justice Committee, Unitarian Society of Ridgewood; New Jersey NOW, Northern New Jersey Chapter; and National Council of Jewish Women, Essex County Chapter

Our New Anthology!

Short Plays on Reproductive Freedom

34 short plays and performance pieces about reproductive health, rights, freedom and justice.

Cover ShortPlaysReproductiveFreedom final (2) rdx

Paperback Release! — $6.99

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See Publication: 34 Short Plays on Reproductive Freedom

WORDS OF CHOICE on DVD has been re-issued for Live Streaming or purchase through International Film Network (IFN)

See more here.woc_dvd_label.jpg.w180h180

Residency: Governor’s Island, NYC, September 2018
Work-in-progress performances 

living news pic

Intersectional topics related to health, justice, freedom in a devised theater project


Ego Actus Theatre (Joan Kane)

front porth by jclarke2Laboratorium Residency with Rising Sun Performance Company

Eight actors, four writers, one director: creating new works in a week-long residency experimenting with the Living Newspaper and concentrating on women’s* issues (women and women-identified).

rising sun site

Participating artists: actors Debra Khan-Bey, Katie Mack, Mary Monahan, Patty Talley, Lia Tamborra and Joan Valentina; writers Brigitte Barnett, Jessica Carmona, Cindy Cooper and Cassandra Medley. Joan Kane director.

Read more about this project here and here.


Workshops: Creative Theatre and Arts, New York City

For women and mothers reintegrating with the community post-prison


Live Radio Theater


with Julissa Roman, Claudia Schneider, Crista Marie Westley (pictured)
directed by Francesca Mantani Arkus 

with the International Women Artists Salon Radio and Heidi Russell 

1-Incantation by June Jordan  (all)
2- She said – before 1973 by Judith Arcana (all)
3-Nobody by Esosa Edosomwan (Crista)
4-Fine Line  (Julissa)
5-You’re On Your Own by Michael David Quinn  (all)
6-Parallel Lives by Kathy Najimy and Mo Gaffney, intro by Angela Bonavoglia (Claudia, Crista)
7-Siege by Susan Wicklund adapted by Cindy Cooper (Claudia)
8-Laws I Want by Words of Choice  (all)
9-Why I March by Zoneziwoh Mbondgulo-Wondieh  (all)

Read more 

Julissa RomanClaudia SchneiderCrista Marie Jackson Westley



repro free fest fr stage jeremy

boot for ReprFreedomFestival

The first-ever Live and Live Streaming REPRODUCTIVE FREEDOM FESTIVAL March 20, 2016 
Live Streaming from NYC to 50 states and 10 countries

Read a wrap-up of the event.

Contact: reproductivefreedomfestival@gmail.com

An Evening Showcase of Short Films & Videos
International Women Artists’ Salon and Hell’s Kitchen Short Film Fest 2016
“Reproductive Justice Tour”
A Special 40 minute Performance!
Featuring performers: Stacey Linnartz, Krystel Lucas
Claudia Schneider, 
directed by Francesca Mantani Arkus,
created by Cindy Cooper

Read more about Reproductive Freedom on Fire


WBAI/Joy of Resistance Feminist Film Festival – Brooklyn
“Reproductive Justice Walking Tour” FILM plus Live Performance Excerpts with Stacey Linnartz!
Read more.

The International Women Artists Salon at Dixon Place in NYC

Screening with the UK Festival of Choice



Visit our Reproductive Justice Walking Tour site!
and see more on this page. See our video for a virtual walk! (Or to do your own!)

JUNE 7, 2014
An interactive event

Putting reproductive justice on the map in our lives, our history and our communities.

-A guided walk with a dozen performances through lower Manhattan
-A Roundup and Fair with interactive events, more performances and refreshments

Follow up Blog: Putting Reproductive Justice on the Map

SEE photos on Tumblr, here.

Reproductive Justice Walking Tour on Facebook!

Read more here.

judson image


Live Streaming!

LIVE STREAMING performances 2013 in the first-ever WiredArts Fest produced by VirtualArtsTV.

Wired Arts Fest

Read more here, here and here. (UPDATE, June 2013: The stream is ongoing at VirtualArtsTV, here.)

Local organizations coordinated house viewing parties. See the Viewing Party Packet here. And a Free Original Poster pdf or jpeg. Also available for downloading, A FREE APP; read more here.

Joining us for discussions: Amanda Marcotte, blogger at Pandagon, writer; Lori Adelman, a contributing editor at Feministing; Lynn Roberts, founding board member of SisterSong Women of Color Reproductive Justice Collective; and award-winning filmmaker Marion Lipschutz.

Live Streaming Performance Featured:
Crista Marie Jackson, Carl H. Jaynes and Claudia Schneider
Under the direction of Francesca Mantani Arkus;
Stage Manager: Kelly Vieau;  Artistic Consultant: Stacey Linnartz;  Art by Heather Ault, 4000 Years for Choice;  Outreach and Marketing Director: Emma Shakarshy
Marketing and Public Relations Consultant: Ashley Paskalis;  Assistant, Marketing: Tiffany Colasuonno;  Producer: Cindy Cooper

See the Theater Program here.

Read about the first-ever WiredArtsFest on ABC here and Wall Street Journal here.

Words of Choice, Wired Arts Fest and Women — Works by Women blog.

There is No Such Thing as Traditional Activism by Ashley Paskalis — fem2pt0 blog

WOMEN ARTS: Join the Words of Choice Live Streaming Events Mar 1 & 2

Cindy Cooper on her Play, “Words of Choice,” Reproductive Justice and Body image in Adios Barbie

Read about Words of Choice in BUST Magazine

Words of Choice: Daily News Listings

See more details, here.

WiredArts WOC combo graphic to 7 pm on 3/31, and we’ll be LIVE!

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